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The [R]Evolution Can Not Be Televised

Choosing an Employer

When looking for gainful employment workers often overlook how much power they have. Workers forget that employers need workers to make businesses work. That is why they pay millions to find workers. Companies have choices of whom they hire, but workers just as often have choices of whom they will help succeed. The illusion that the employer holds all of the cards blinds workers to how much power they have. That means workers rarely use that power.

Too often workers only look at who will pay the most or has the most attractive benefits package. If those are the only considerations, workers will get hoodwinked.

Workers need to think about what the company does. They need to think about what kind of world that company is trying to make. They need to look at how they treat other workers and customers. If the best workers would help the best companies succeed, it can go a long way towards creating a world where all workers get paid and treated better as well as a world where customers get treated better. Even if you have to take a job for a bad employer, you don’t have to help them more than is required to stay employed. Workers should be looking for ways to help the good employers push the bad employers out of the market.

Good companies are likely to pay better but if good workers help bad companies, then they can make it difficult for good companies to make enough to pay better. If the good company is pushed out, the bad company will like reduce the pay or even fire the good worker. If the good employer gives the bad employer an idea to improve efficiency, the bad employer will usually fire other employees, probably the friends of the good employee. Clearly this is not good for the good employee.

If the 99% would focus more on helping the 99% do better than helping the 1% become even more rich, 100% of us will do better. Let’s make a point to help those who help others.