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Whether you agree or disagree, you are certain to find some interesting topics of conversation and points of view which are sure to liven up a conversation on my blog.

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The Wonderful World of Vinegar

Vinegar is used by billions of people around the world. It is used for food medicine and much more. It can be made from anything that has enough sugar or starch. Explore the Wonderful World of vinegar and learn to make, use, and appreciate vinegar.

Learn about vinegar, The Vinegar Man, and the International Vinegar Museum. Wonderful World of Vinegar

Effective Low/No Budget Marketing

Want to learn effective ways to promote yourself or your small business on a low budget? Check this out


DiggsArt is Agenda Art. Using the forms of interactive performance art, 3D animation, music, ceramics and framed for hanging art, my agenda is to share thoughts and feelings by any means that has a chance for success.

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Enter the DiggsWorld Portal and I will share with you the people and ideas that can benefit you. It will include links from everything from food to culture to tips on how to live better with less money.

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